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Before You Buy a Hearing Aid

Carefully select a provider.
The number one thing to remember is that the value you get out of your hearing aid is based on the skills and abilities of your hearing health professional. Audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are licensed to sell hearing aids, but audiologists hold a master’s or doctoral degree. Professional Hearing Services has two Doctors of Audiology and a Hearing Instrument Specialist. 

Have your hearing tested.
During your visit, you should be given a hearing test in a soundproof booth which will tell the provider what type of hearing loss you may have. Not all devices will fit every person or every degree of hearing loss – these are custom fit devices based on your individual prescription, it’s not one size fits all.

Get it in writing.
Get a signed copy of a contract that outlines what you are buying – the model and make of hearing aid, the price, trial period and nonrefundable fees as well as the warranty. Most clinics allow a trial period – the industry standard is 30-45 days, Professional Hearing Services offers a 75 day trial period for you to try your new hearing aids in many different situations to ensure they are right for you.

Make us work for you.
It is our job to make sure your devices are working properly for you. If during your trial period, you aren’t sure about their effectiveness, we can switch them to a different style to see if they work better. Follow up visits are a must to ensure we can fit the hearing aids the best for your specific needs. We do not charge for these visits as they are all part of the service we provide. There is more to buying a hearing aid than just fitting it to your ear. You hear more with your brain than your ears and it takes time to adjust to the new sounds.


Make sure the provider is full service.
We offer hearing healthcare for all ages. Our services include many types of testing, wax removals and Tinnitus relief. We service most makes and models of hearing aids through our in-house repair lab. Our hearing aid “Clean and check” service keeps your hearing aids performing like new! Our entire team is trained to clean and perform minor repairs on your hearing aids and are always available to help.

Ask for a referral!
More than 80% of our new patients come from physician and current patient referrals. We work closely with Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians, pediatricians and school districts to ensure all of our patients are receiving the quality hearing care they deserve. We are not a “sales” office, we are a professional medical clinic with a dedicated team providing hearing healthcare.


Hearing aids are an investment.
We offer a range of prices and technology that are suited to your budget and diagnosis. We also offer payment options to help make the investment a little easier for you. Anyone can sell a “cheap” hearing aid. We offer the highest quality technology at the best price. We know you are making an investment. We return the favor by investing our care and service in you.

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