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The Gift of Hearing

This time of year heightens our awareness of giving. We spend time thinking about the people in our lives and what we can give them or do for them to show our love and appreciation.

Giving can be done is so many ways; material gifts, the gift of time, the gift of service, the gift of kindness, and even the gift of hearing. Believe it or not, your hearing or the hearing of a loved one can give more than you might think to yourself and those around you. Most people can relate to communication being a cornerstone of a healthy relationship. With the gift of better hearing, you’re allowing your loved ones to communicate more effectively with you. You’re giving yourself the gift of interaction with loved ones rather than isolation. Improving your hearing means you and your loved ones can get back to enjoying your favorite activities, whether that be attending live events, going to church with your family, or simply listening to the sounds of the season.

When you give yourself the gift of better hearing, you’re taking care of your physical health as well. With appropriately fit hearing aids, you’re stimulating your brain and therefore preserving your neurological hearing pathways which impact other areas of brain function. Properly fit amplification can also reduce your listening effort, which can then reduce your mental load. This can lead to less energy used for a simple human function which allows more energy to go towards other executive functions.

Furthermore, gaining knowledge on the effects of hearing loss and properly communication strategies puts you back in the driver’s seat. Hearing loss no longer controls you, but you control your hearing/communication.

The best present you can give yourself and your loved ones this year is a stronger connection. Do not allow hearing loss to take away from you or your loved ones the opportunity to savor some of life’s most precious moments.

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